Ancient-Style Massage/ Thai Yoga Massage is a traditional form of bodywork that flows from Indian & Yogic systems as well acupressure, Thai Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Shamanic healing practices,  & assisted Yoga poses. 

Massage & hands-on adjustments formed an integral part of the teachings I have received. This inspired me to seek out more specific training in this area which I completed in 2017 with the Shen Mantra academy in Cape Town under the authorisation of the Lama Thai Medical Federation of Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

The massage ceremony usually takes place on specially rolled mattresses, fully clothed. Similar to a Yoga session, deep breathing sets the rhythm for dynamic movement & stretches across the meridians or "Sen-lines" of the body. 

Imagine the meridians of the body similar to a gentle stream of water. Sometimes fallen leaves & debris may collect, blocking the flow. The massage helps to open the blockages, circulating the flow better. In this way, the practitioner can enter a space of meditation & devotion much like through regular Yoga practice.