All classes & sessions in November are donation-based.
In the process of building this space, my priority is to offer plenty of opportunities for practice & a place where you are always welcome.

The suggested amount is  €12 per class & like one of the benefits of Yoga, it's very flexible.



  • Powerful Vinyasa-Yoga practice.

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

    1 hr

    Donation Based
  • Guided contemplative practice, great complement for a home practice.


    45 min

    Donation Based
  • A meeting point for the beauty of ideas.



Vinyasa-Krama is a powerful system of Yoga practice that was developed by the "Father of Modern Yoga" Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. 

The breath is the central focus. By using the rhythm of breathing, we link together a sequence of important Yogasanas (Yoga poses) practised with many elaborate Vinyasas which are flowing movements & variations. 

Truly anyone can practice in this way & experience the joy of this kind of practice. There are options which accompany each posture; these allow one to explore their own body & eventually to move into the realm of the seemingly impossible.

The only real prerequisite is the ability to breathe. If breathing is possible, anyone can begin learning to do extraordinary feats with the body. The poses themselves are just shapes; they do not make nor break the yogi.

The body is much like an instrument. The idea of the physical practice of Yoga (asana) is a way to tune this instrument; to bring about a harmony of body, mind, intention, movement, and so on. So we use the body as a tool to understand & develop the mind of the Yogi.

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