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योगाचार Yogācāra

Yogācāra = "one whose practice is Yoga."

A craftsman spends time; trial & error to perfect his skill & understanding. The objects that he tries to create, require the utmost balance and dedication of his efforts.

When I think of the most profound moments captured in artworks, literature, architecture, music, & of course, the unfolding mysteries of the natural world, I am reminded of the sublime beauty that pervades all. 

Inside all these things we love, I believe we see a tiny reflection of ourselves looking back.

So it is with the art of Yoga, & us both the master craftsman & humble student.








My Yoga Story

Growing up, I was fascinated with Eastern martial arts & I started with karate, moved into Kung-fu, taichi, and Wushu with a fascinating trainer from China who would always end a session with what I came to learn was a form of meditation.

However, it was later in my teenage years that I discovered the transformative power of Yoga, breathwork, & meditation. At the time I suffered from the most debilitating & deadly forms of depression. Which felt like a quiet numbness that would follow around, a slow subtle form of self-destruction, & amidst a constant flow of agitated anxiety, I could not decipher tell where sleep & wakefulness separated.

A forward-thinking psychologist prescribed certain methods to practise, a for my hometown in South Africa, this was truly a progressive move on her part. I felt the shift instantly, a lotus blossomed out of the muddy waters of my mind & I have never looked back. 

My creative endeavours flourished, I found incredible strength within my body, & I began to see the light inside of everyone & everything around me. This process fascinated me, & thus began my journey to master these arts.

In the global modern world, we tend to see things in neat compartments. There are probably more styles of Yoga available to the contemporary practitioner than the original yogis could have ever foreseen, but ultimately they all seek the same thing. To teach any style of Yoga is to serve the individuals that come to you, there is no right or wrong here.

As so many different approaches have influenced & expanded my understanding, I always encourage students to seek as many different styles as possible without judgement & find what works for them.

I am known for a powerful, creative, dynamic, & well-rounded practise that is firmly rooted in classical Indian & Tibetan Yoga disciplines, yet also encompassing the cutting edge of current research & neuroscientific techniques. I teach all the facets of the Royal path, or Ashtanga system, meaning: physical postures & movements, lifestyle, breathwork, focus, meditation, self-discipline, & visualizations that all lead to transformational freedom & wellbeing.

As we are all individuals, I believe in a bespoke practice that changes & adapts to what the person requires in their life at a particular time. 

I see the Yoga space like an unconditional warm home and every possible shape, size, & mood is welcomed within.

I also have had the privilege of working with professional athletes, dancers, musicians, and even some executive/ politician types (Often who have benefitted the most), where I have tailored the techniques for these high-performance individuals to boost their stamina & focus, alleviating stress, & stimulating powerful mental awareness alongside their daily training/ careers.

Personally, my Yoga practice has provided me with magnificent inspiration for my artistic practice, & has kept me in peak physical shape throughout my dance career avoiding serious injury to date.

It is a great honour to be a conduit of such a majestic ancient system. I am truly grateful to have received the gift of yoga alongside my artistic passions. 

With a heart full of love, I say thank you to all my teachers & grace to all my students.



Jared is registered as an Experienced Level Yoga Teacher with over 3000 hours of teaching experience with the Yoga Alliance Professionals

The Yoga Life - Cape Town, South Africa - 2015

200 hour Vinyasa/ Power Yoga

Shiva Yoga Peeth - Rishikesh, India - 2016

300 Hour Traditional Hatha, Pranayama & Meditation

The Yoga Life - Cape Town, South Africa - 2017

Ana Forrest Advanced Teacher Training (Forrest Yoga)

Shen Mantra - Cape Town, South Africa (+London, UK) - 2018

Level III Diploma - Thai Yoga Massage

The Yoga Life - Cape Town, South Africa - 2018

Mindfulness, Wellness & Neuroscience for Yoga Teachers (Continuing Professional Development)



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