Peace Mudra, Photographer: @Oliver.Sutton


-१- At some stage, all of existence is marked by the sad beauty of suffering. 
-२- Here is a way to find & understand the root of this suffering.
-३- Then the answer will come out of it; the cure is not separate from the cause.
-४- This is a path of the Yogi, to see the beauty in all things.
To be free.



I was born beneath southern skies in the Rainbow Nation, beautiful South Africa!

In the last decade I have practised & studied the artistic process in depth; eastern philosophy & the practical traditions of Yoga & meditation; death & extinction; and the contemporary performing arts.

I have danced & performed in beautiful artworks, managed to somehow play some wondrous things on the piano, & I even dabbled in writing, directing, and composing myself.

I am a certified advanced yoga teacher & completing a Masters degree in the traditions of yoga and Meditation at SOAS University in London. 

  • Powerful Vinyasa-Yoga practice.

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

    1 hr

    Donation Based
  • Guided contemplative practice, great complement for a home practice.


    45 min

    Donation Based
  • A meeting point for the beauty of ideas.


I have many gurus, they appear in different forms. Some wear coloured robes, others walk on all fours, also the guide within - all parts of this world are a teacher to me; I want to always be learning.

The question, however, is not just to find out what you want, but also what the world wants from you.



I am growing this warm & welcoming space. I am happy to answer questions & listen to any needs you may have. 

Italy | South Africa | London

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