Peace Mudra, Photographer: @Oliver.Sutton

-१- At some stage, all of existence is marked by the sad beauty of suffering. 
-२- Here is a way to find & understand the root of this suffering.
-३- Then the answer will come out of it; the cure is not separate from the cause.
-४- This is a path of the Yogi, to see the beauty in all things.
To be free.



I was born beneath southern skies in the Rainbow Nation, beautiful South Africa!

In the last decade I have practised & studied the artistic process in depth; philosophy & the practical traditions of Yoga & meditation; death & extinction; and the contemporary performing arts.

I have danced & performed in beautiful artworks, managed to somehow play some wondrous things on the piano, & I even dabbled in writing, directing, and composing myself.

I am a certified advanced yoga teacher & completing a Masters degree in the traditions of yoga and Meditation at SOAS University in London. 

  • Yogāsana is using your body & postures as an instrument for practice.

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    1 hr

    Donation Based
  • Guided contemplative practice, great complement for a home practice.

    Donation Based
  • Therapeutic deep relaxation and guided meditation session.

    1 hr

    30 British pounds


It is good to know that spaces like this exist, you are always welcome here.
I am humble to be a part of a growing community of devoted practitioners and students and we rely on community support. 
Even if now doesn't seem to be the right moment to start something new, it may also be the best time! 

Italy | South Africa | London

Thank you!